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The Pillar Network 

“The Pillar Network is a community of SBC and International Baptist Churches that are doctrinally aligned, missionally driven, and committed to equipping, planting, and revitalizing churches, TOGETHER.”

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Pillar Partners 

Through connection, coaching, and cooperative resourcing, the Pillar Network partners to start and strengthen churches all over the world. Their team, composed of personnel from Europe, the Hispanic world, and the US, helps unite like-minded partners, sharing the same convictions and doctrine, together for Great Commission work.


Churches United

In the United States, the Pillar Network is an affinity association of churches that cooperate with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) for the purpose of international missions, church planting, and theological education. While Southern Baptists are like-minded in doctrine that is consistent with the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, the Pillar Network provides a home within that larger context for churches that are committed to leadership by a plurality of male Elders, live expository preaching, Kingdom multiplication through church-to-church planting and revitalization efforts, and the Gospel of our Sovereign Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In relation to our Convention agencies/seminaries, it is Pillar’s desire to support, encourage, and serve these critical institutions, however we can, for the good of the Great Commission.

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