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1 Samuel 1:1-28

Give Him to the Lord

What do you want most in life?

Is what you want noble?

Do you ask God for that?  Do you trust God with that?

Do you believe God is over all?

Do you believe God hears your prayers?

Who are you being mean to?  Are you willing to stop?

How often do you worship God in your heart and mind? How often do you talk to God? Do you pour your soul out to the Lord?

Are you open with God and others in your life? God does not want you to be alone.  We are to share our hearts and confess our sins to one another.  This is freeing. God wants you to bring things to light.  Satan wants you to hide sin and life under a bushel.

Vs 1-2 God answers Hannah’s prayer and gives her a son.

God gives Israel a prophet. 

God will give His people what they need as they move from judges to a king.

God can help you through your grief; have faith.  Trust in Him, and turn to Him.  He is there for you!

Hannah was hurting.  Hannah wanted a child.  Hannah went to the Lord to ask for help.  Hannah did not let someone being mean stop her from seeking God and living for Him.

It is thought that Elkanah might have taken a 2nd wife since Hannah was barren.  This was a way to help keep the family line moving forward.

Vs 3-8 This was a faithful family.  They were Jews who honored the Lord.

Hannah’s pain and grief was not for a short while!

What are you hurting from?  Do you give it to God?  Do you stay faithful to God?  Are you faithful even in difficulty? 

The Lord of hosts is thought to be an army of angels!  God hears your prayers and God helps us!

Shiloh was the 1st city the Ark went to.  This city was where God blessed them with the Ark of the Covenant and the 10 Commandments.  

Hannah always gave extra.  She loved God and she sought His favor.

Do you give to God?  Do you give extra to God?  Do you hold back from God?

God never does evil.  God is over all.  His will be done.  Up until this time, God had not allowed Hannah to have a child.  This was about to change.  God is our source.

Do you allow your situation to impact how you respond or impact your reverence and devotion to the Lord?

Vs 9-12 Eli was a good priest and he did his job.  Eli helped Hannah in need. 

Hannah asked God for a child.  Hannah committed to dedicating that child to God.

Have you given your children to God??!!!!!!

Vs 12-18 Do you pour your soul out to the Lord?

I want to live for God! I want to be a good husband and father.  I want my kids to walk with the Lord always and marry someone who loves the Lord. I want this church to thrive.  I want to be a good pastor.  This is what I pour out to God often.

When we confess and pray and people of God care, it changes us!

Vs 19-20 The Lord hears our prayers and remembers us.

Hannah knew, and remembered, where her son came from.

Do you give glory to God when He helps you or answers your prayers!

Vs 21-28 Elkana supports Hannah and helps dedicate the child. 

Hannah probably gave her child to the priest when he was around 3 years old. 

The Lord dwelled in the temple.  Now the Lord dwells in us with His Spirit.  Do you live life like God is with you?  Do you seek Him, listen to Him, spend time with Him, and seek Him out?

Hannah knew the child was from God and she kept her promise.  God had a plan for this young child.

This repeats Eli's blessing in vs 17.

This was a big sacrifice to God.  She is thankful.  


What do you need to cry out to God for?

Are you faithful to God or do you drift and need to come back to Him?

Do you give God credit for all that you have, and do you keep your promises to God? Do you give Him glory for all that is good in your life?

Who do you need to  forgive or who has hurt you? How can you show them God?

What are you not trusting God with?

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